image of Floodwatch Breakfast at the Rose & Crown

Floodwatch Breakfast at the Rose & Crown

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More high tides on their way! On Saturday February 1st, more high tides are expected to affect Tintern. The last high tide caused the River Wye to burst its banks and come across the Monmouth Road into the bar. This drew quite a crowd to gather for the half an hour or so of the flood. How about making a morning of it and meet up with friends in the bar of the Rose & Crown for a grandstand view and a great Floodwatch Full English Breakfast? It may be cold outside but you will always find a warm welcome at the Rose & Crown.

During the last flood, a video was posted on YouTube by Joanna Goodwin. This has now had over 12,000 views. The coming high tide could make it your turn to become an internationally known videographer by shooting your own movie from the pub. Make the most of the grandstand view of the area that the Rose & Crown gives you for viewing, photography and video.

The high tide is expected at just before 9 am but call us on 01292 689254 for up to date estimate of time and to book your place to watch the forces of nature at work. You can also click in the header of any page to send us an email. Booking early is advised as we are expecting a good turn out of locals and visitors.

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